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On November 11, 2016 I had a painful near death experience which led me to change my life and how I see my time on this planet.

For years I thought I had been living from my heart. The illusion I held was made clear when I had complications post back surgery and ended up without a pulse and dying on my hospital bed. I experienced  leaving my body and consciously expanding endlessly like ripples in a pond whilst an emergency team tried desperately to keep me alive.

I was stunned to find that I was  capable of conscious thought and began asking to stay, listing the people I wanted to stay for. I found myself continuing to expand and aware that I was moving further away from the body I had lived in for 42 short years.  As I continued my journey into infinity I felt a calm, golden warmth come over me and expressed, 'I want to stay for the the work that I do and walk the planet from my heart'.  Instantaneously I returned to my body and the medical team got a pulse.

Back in my body I found myself in torturous, unfathomable pain due to massive internal blood loss and the pressure caused by  trapped blood on my internal organs. I moaned, writhed and screamed. Returning to Earth was a genuine, unexpected shock. I thought I would not have another opportunity to take a breath. I was aware that i had made a contract to 'walk the planet from my heart' and little did I know that I would be required to go to the depths of physical and emotional suffering to come out the other side a more complete and happier being. It's been a challenging, insightful and extraordinary ride.

Almost five years down the track much of my life has changed. I'm a coach, workshop facilitator and a musician based in Sydney, Australia.  Much of my time is spent  traveling, writing, performing music, facilitating workshops, pursuing adventures that inspire me and coaching clients to step into the dreams that inspire them. I've found that the honouring of my NDE contract has led me to explore what were the barriers that were holding me back from a life I dared not to experience. I've learnt much about stepping into one's potential, operating at higher and higher levels of performance, , not to mention human awareness and consciousness. It's my honour to assist many people including those who have had their own NDE and are wanting to change their lives in accordance with their experience.

I'm  passionate about my work as a Creative Freedom Coach assisting creatives and 'heart workers' to make the changes they've been longing to make. I find it a wonderful gift to be in the service of others helping them to experience insights and clarity around the beliefs that may be holding them back. I frequently run my 'Break Through Your Barriers' workshops and have coached entrepreneurs, visual artists, actors, yoga teachers, school teachers, musicians, business owners, parents, book keepers, photographers, producers and therapists from many different modalities.

If you have a longing to experience more of life, give more of yourself, create and share the gifts you may suspect or know re there, please feel free to contact me. We can explore what is there for you and if I can hep you along your path.

You can contact me directly via the 'Contacts' page. I believe w all hold our own answers and sometimes guidance and accountability can open the gate for us to truly walk the path we long for.

Wherever you are in the world at the moment, whatever the circumstances around you, I hope that you are finding a place of peace and love for yourself.



P.S. You can learn more about my NDE experience below.

Download 'For A Clear Mind - Principles for Connecting to Guidance' This PDF is a set of actions or ways of living I live by so I am more able to stay connected to 'the guidance of my heart'. 3.22 MB

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Listen or buy the 'Seeds' EP recorded on a recent trip to Queensland

Listen or buy the 'Seeds' EP recorded on a recent trip to Queensland